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Charity Event "Back to School!"

When you do someone good, you can feel that accomplishment of a good deed will bring the same pleasure to you and the person towards whom this good deed is directed.                                                                          


On the eve of September 1, the company "Humo" started a charity event "Back to School!" This action was organized for orphans from children’s homes. As part of the charity event, the administration and staff of the company visited orphanages in Shahritus and Istaravshan districts and handed over to inmates of those institutions textbooks and school supplies.

Two lovely first-graders, pupils from a baby home in Istaravshan district were also provided assistance timed to the school holiday. The administration and staff of MDO "Humo" with great joy and an open heart gave a piece of their warmth and love to children without parental care and attention.

Charity event "Give good!"             

Do not be afraid to give warming words,

 And to do good things,

The more you put wood on the fire,

The more heat will be back.


Omar Khayyam.


"Give good!" was the motto of the charity events that "Humo" held in honor of a holly month Ramadan. Taking a few orphanages for its caring wing, the Company allocated funds to children's homes.

In July, the company's charity action extended to children's homes in Shahritus, Javan and Istaravshan districts and aimed at material support of children's social institutions.

Due to close contacts established with the leadership of orphanages and a preliminary meeting with them, Humo tried to buy everything what the residential institutions needed first of all.

In Shahritus district Humo staff was warmly welcomed by Nurmuhammad Ochildiev, the Hukumat representative. He thanked Humo for help, told about the orphanage and shared challenges taking the visitors to walk round the facility: "Taking care of children is good works and we are doing everything possible to make our children feel happier in absence of their loved ones. Also, our mission is to make these children prepared for an independent life in society".


“Humo” staff brought football balls and when the boys saw them they started talking that they love to play football and what football teams they are a fan of. As soon as they realized that they can take the balls and play, they gleefully ran away to a football field.

On behalf of all the staff and children Rachabbibi Sheralieva, Director of the orphanage, thanked “Humo” and expressed their hope that it was not the last meeting.

After visiting the orphanage, where children are brought up, everyone had an indelible sense that we all became involved for a while in their lives and gave them a piece of our heart.

In Istaravshan district "Humo" representatives visited the baby’s house and congratulated children with holiday and presented gifts and sweets. The kids were delighted!

When you come and see little children who, for whatever reasons, are growing up in an orphanage, and their eyes when they receive these gifts, you know, how much it matters to them. Kids staged an impromptu concert to their guests from “Humo”; they sang songs and recited poems. And we all got so much positive feelings and so much love from them in return.

In Javan district "Humo" came to an orphanage for disabled children with words of congratulation and clothing and shoes. These children are especially in need of care and kindness as they often have not one but multiple diagnoses such as mental retardation (intellectual disabilities), an organic lesion of the central nervous system, Down syndrome and other various physical disorders. Rather than gifts they need more communication and our attention and kindness.


Such events have become a tradition for "Humo” and its main purpose to give children a real holiday, joy, and a sense of caring. After all, orphans and disabled people need love and fellowship no less than their peers from wealthier families. Past event gave the children so rare opportunity to have fun, enjoy and laugh and even to forget about the difficulties they face in everyday life. 

Children are our future, and thanks to our joint efforts, we were able to make some of them a little happier. Really, to give kindness is always very easy and simple if you have this will!



Charity event "Joy to Children!"

On June 1 "Innovation Club" together with NGO "Alegria" and Charitable Society "Dusty Yori" carried on in orphanages of Dushanbe and Hissar cities one of the most ambitious charitable action in Tajikistan "Joy to children". The action was attended by more than 100 volunteers, who were split into 6 teams and held a grand celebration for orphans and children with disabilities. The event was made possible due to the funds raised by sponsors including MDO "Humo" that was active part of the occasion.

Intensive preparations took over 30 days and included writing unique, specialized entertainment scenarios for each orphanage. All the teams comprised the invited volunteers having this talent to show tricks, clowning, art, dance and acting.

Children enjoyed a variety of games, competitions and dances and even the weakest and smallest festival participants were not aside being ridden in a bicycle and toy cars by volunteers. A game of paint became especially bright and memorable for children and their guests because they painted with brushes and fingers the faces of each other, giving themselves up to the children's mischief and fantasy.

At the end of games, dances and competitions each child got sweets and educational toys. June 1, in memory of more than a thousand orphans and orphanages, remained a cheerful and bright day!

Children - flowers of life

Smiles of children - this is probably the best thing that can please everyone’s eye. In the child’s smile there is so much sincerity and confidence that even the most severe heart will melt. Realizing this, everyone tries to make life of little inhabitants of our Planet better and happier and it is especially significant for children with disabilities.

On the 31st of May, 2014, on the eve of the International Children's Day, one of the branches of the Republican public organization for blind children organized a grand welcome to children with visual impairments, in which the MDO "Humo", within its powers, took part as a sponsor.

In the beautifully decorated venue various intellectual contests were organized for children, including those for understanding the basics of art and culture. Children competed in knowledge of patriotic poems about motherland, about peace and, of course, about mother - the dearest for them person. A musical concert with the children participation was presented, where children were assisted by disabled visually impaired adults. At the end, all children and contest winners were given souvenirs and prizes.

That day the blind eyes of each child lit up with an unquenchable flame of joy and happiness. After all, our attention and care are very important for children, in particular, for children with disabilities. Children are our future and our task is to make sure that they live in joy.  

Charity event in Kulob city

The branch of Humo in Kulob held a charity event in honor of May 9. At the request of the Center for Social Services the Branch arranged charitable assistance for 20 single pensioners, namely, a kit of foodstuff essentials. On the eve of high day the Branch Manager visited each retiree and congratulated on the occasion. 

Lonely, elderly people require special attention from the society. Lack of native people makes their lives much more difficult. Civic duty of everyone is to be more tolerant and careful to such people.

Humo takes an active part in holding charity events for people in need of help and assistance. In its activities, adhering to social mission, the company strives for supporting community for good intentions. 

Humo Company understands the importance of companionate actions. Holding them regularly nationwide of the country enables creating a positive image of the company among its customers.

Charity event for the Great Patriotic War veterans in honour of the Victory Day

Victory Day - May 9 – is one of the great occasions in our country. This is the most tragic, beautiful and touching celebration in the history of our motherland. Our ancestors at the cost of their lives upheld our future and gave us the opportunity to live in freedom and peace. On the eve of the great holiday Company Humo didn’t stay aside and in honour of the Victory Day held a charity event for the Great Patriotic War veterans. The company employees visited five veterans: Sharif Safarov, Sodiq Sodikov, Haskash Abdulloev, Nicholai Chilin and Mahbuba Tursunova, and handed the veterans foodstuff and medicines as aid. The visit was a big surprise for WWII veterans. They met people from Humo with great joy and were very pleased with gifts.

The veterans shared their memories. Mahbuba Tursunova told us that during World War II she with her husband were scouts. They went through all the trials of the war, and after the war they had a long and happy life. In 2010, in celebration of 9 May Mahbuba Tursunova was invited to Moscow, where Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin personally congratulated her on the occasion and presented gifts.

WWII Veteran Sodiq Saidov is 91 years old. He went through the war from the first to the last day. He met with the war in the army and his service in the army lasted for long 7 years. "Love for the motherland and freedom - that's what helped us get through all the horrors of war. Faith in victory gave us the strength to pass the test and win" - said Sodiq Saidov.

Unfortunately, the years take their toll and some of our veterans are no longer able to speak and walk on their own. We only saw tears of joy in their eyes and realized that our attention made them happy. Time is transient and every year a veteran community becomes smaller and smaller. These people are heroes and despite such an ordeal of life they dealt the death, fought for us, for our freedom and for our future. Glory to you, a low bow and THANK YOU VERY MUCH INDEED!

Let you give children sunny mood

The idea to organize the action "Let you give children sunny mood" came in my mind not once ...Anyone certainly can ask: Why did such a thought arise?

Last summer, when we all together, my female friends with our children, went to the park "Bogi Poytakht", I watched our children, who grow up in full families, how much they are capricious, and always what they have seem too little, but at the same time they don’t know exactly what they want. I think many people can agree with me on this issue. I couldn’t help feeling that there are children who are deprived of these joys of life and for sure just in childhood they will never be able to enjoy carousels, which we all loved to ride when we were kids. Thereby the idea to arrange outing to the park for the children of the orphanage occurred, where they can ride at all roundabouts and get joy and positive emotions.

However, due to weather, namely daytime heat, we had to postpone this action until middle spring, when it is already not so cold and not so hot yet.     


Most often in spring, many parents on these days go with their children on a sightseeing trip, as this season is the most suitable time for outings: nature comes alive after hibernation, the days are getting longer, the sun increasingly makes us glad with its presence, and at the same time there is no yet exhausting summer heat.

Everyone wants to make their most unique and most-beloved child an unforgettable gift.

But do not forget that there are children who are also dreaming to travel outside of their home and also want to be normal kids, to be paid attention and be loved.

When I suggested carrying out this action, no one believed that it would be possible to implement it. Many people listened to me and then asked the question: Why do I need this? Do I have no my own problems? At first I was taken aback having heard such comments and questions from the people with whom I myself spend my free time! To some extent, I was wondering ... who are these people that surround me and I believe them to be my friends!   

I knew that for this action, additional funds are needed, and I decided to turn to private companies. When I sent a letter-request to the companies, out of 50 firms only 10 responded and I waited almost a month until the companies would keep their word and donate funds. Unfortunately, out of the 10 companies, only two companies (LLC "ANTO" and MDO "Humo") allocated the funds and the remainder I took from my personal budget and the budget of the Public Fund "Your choice", established to help children, protect their rights and give them joy and happiness within our capacity.

It was a pity and shame that nowadays people have become heartless ... they have no desire to give joy to the needy...

After all heard, I was even much more eager to make my plan come true - to give children at least one day of joy! And I gained my end!

I assumed that children would rejoice a little bit and nothing more... But I was wrong ... I did not expect that the children would have so much enthusiasm and joy! They ran from one merry-go-round to another, asked to be rolled again and again! For the three hours spent in the park, the kids took delight in their children's joy so much that their eyes were shining with unlimited happiness! We offered them a drink of water to quench their thirst at least, but they refused! They need not so much in order to be happy - just good mood and attention of adults to them!!!

A LOT OF THANKS should go to a team of workers of "Bogi Poytakht", each of which was ready to just hug and devote his attention to those children. Park workers, without any neglect, led the children by the hand and gave those children their attention and love and care. During the three hours, each of 75 children was trying to join hands of adults, and kids wanted to have their small hands linked longer.

I'm so happy that nevertheless I managed to get my plan implemented, and I hope that in future our Public Fund still be able to give these children more joy.

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Meeting the client’s expectations. We understand the customers’ current needs and offer the best solutions to facilitate the development and growth of their businesses. High quality services, maximum responsibility, honesty and financial openness are an absolute imperative for our organization;   Social responsibility. We are aware of our responsibility in respect of the Organization's activities carried out in a socially and financially robust basis. We strive to actively participate in the development of the microfinance sector in the country in order to improve the social environment of the regions of Tajikistan;   Openness and and transparency. MDO "Humo" is an open company, being always interested in a respectful dialogue with customers, partners, media representatives and constructive interaction with public authorities;
Efficiency and effectiveness. The company has a system of incentives, both material and immaterial. This system has proven its effectiveness and as a result the employees were able to demonstrate maximum fulfilment of their potential;   Corporate culture. We strive to motivate employees in the success of the Organization and to do everything to ensure that our team is actively involved in the development of MDO "Humo ", inviting to our team talented people. We encourage and support employees in their quest for professional development, and helping them to multiply and improve their knowledge, experience and skill. We create an atmosphere of confidence enabling our employees to safely express and support the Organization’s innovative solutions. We build business relationships based on honesty and resources that make the clients trust us, which are a valuable advantage in the eyes of customers;   Team spirit. We seek to create an atmosphere of the team unity. To do this, we hold corporate and sporting events, cultural tours and make it possible for  the branches to share the best practices.

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